Throughout their history together (doTb - Darren Joyce and Justin Wiggan) have in their expansive body of work sought meaning into noise and organized sound and the architecture of space. They physiologically respond to a neural processes in unwanted sounds and noise pollution during their collaborations, beating out found samples as psychological reflections of their subconscious which at times are wired together through a practiced incubation period , with the intention of cultivating new sound scapes. doTb can block, distort, or change/interfere with the meaning of a message in their music so don't look for one. This demarcation problem in the philosophy of their work draws the lines around the boundaries are commonly drawn between art and music.

After over a decade of dialogue between the artists, doTb are flickering between both senses of sound and vision, Dreams of Tall Buildings swan dive into atmospheric and tempestuous epics that bleed through collages of samples and organic treatments. They furrow through harsh minimalist noise that tests the listener’s patience to the limit. Combinations of guitars, grand pianos, percussive typewriters and a broken web of shattered loops and electronic sine waves that fire and implode into complex textures and unusual time signatures stabbing your ears with plunderphonic organised chaos.

“Like Stan Getz stabbing Miles Davis in a floatation tank!”

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