Artificial Memory

Video/sound collaboration with PirateHairWaves, October 2002.

The film was made solely with found cine 8 footage from the amazing collection of Donald Drake, the footage was re discovered hidden in a loft space by his son Barry Drake, it contained a lost past of his father that he never knew existed, the footage contained a document of his travels through europe and behind the iron curtain from the late 50's through to the late 60's.

Artificial memory was based losely around the story of Kaspar Hauser (April 30, 1812 – December 17, 1833) a mysterious foundling in 19th century Germany famous for his claim to have grown up in the total isolation of a darkened cell.

doTb/PHW based the idea of the film with all three elements in play, the short story of the same name written by doTb, the Kasper Hauser story and the lost past of cine 8, then the score was written alongside the making and compiling of the film. The finished piece was show cased at the Metapod festival Birmingham UK 2001, it was also shown at Exploding Cinema, London. April 2002 , Cubist Gallery, London, May 2002 and then went on to win an award and travel with U.K/ Canadian film and video festival, May-Nov 2003.

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