Harbour'd in the sleepy west

Video/sound collaboration with PirateHairWaves, October 2002.

This was a live performance for the opening night of the Gallery show "Science fiction double feature" at the Custard factory gallery May 2004.

For this piece doTb gathered together a collection of 1930's to 50's sci fi radio shows, we then re edited and ripped and re recorded to make our own sci fi story, at the same time we built an ELF (extremely Low Frequency) radio wave receiver, this enabled us to pick up and record the tectonic plate movements of the earth, distant typhoons and hurricanes and also the sun's burst of solar activity, these where placed into the live score and weaved in and out throughout, the feel for the show was what would it be like to catch up with the very fist radio transmission that we have sent as these are forever traveling out through space spreading the history, news of long ended wars and stories of fiction as the travel throughout out the vacuum of space.

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