If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On...

New Art Gallery Walsall, West Midlands - 4th June, 6-9pm, 2009 Free

‘If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On...’ is a collaboration between Companis and Dreams of Tall Buildings and promises to be a evening of romantic dining with a twist. Playing with notions of intimacy, diners will be treated to a series of courses set within a specially commissioned soundscape. This acoustically charged experience will favour all gastric noises and rumbles thereby challenging the norms of dining etiquette. Be prepared for an extraordinary evening of romance and spectacle! This project has been specially commissioned by New Art Gallery Walsall as part of the 'Pot Luck' exhibition (22/5/2009-19/7/2009).

Dreams of Tall buildings Have created a unique sound installation based on the themes of digestation, the Solfeggio scale and addressing the issues of how sense of sound is alienated in the dining process. It is our aim to bring internal sounds to the external area and vice versa, looking at the phyiscality of phonics during eating. The digestive process will be played through the dinners table as they eat, this will be done with a powerful transducer speaker secured to the botton of the wooden table, this will enable only the dinners and those quite near to hear the digestive system recordings, at the same time as the dinners eat the acient and rarely used “Solfeggio scale” will be playing into the gallery space, this scale has been mathermatically split into 60 different tones, they have been mapped according to what physical state they create sublimamy in the body and brain, these tones will overlap and fill the gallery space with tones that take the public and the dinners through 5 different corrisponding and juxtaposing states

‘If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On...’ will take place on Thursday 4th June as part of the gallery's ‘Food Glorious Food’ events. Go to for more information.

lov eof food diagram

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