Brain Jelly / Mealy-mouthed

BIAD, Margaret St, Birmingham, 14/7/04 - 20/7/04

Live Art Showcase with two main evening events: the first featured performances in and around the building and the second had timetabled performances on a stage. There were also some longer projects that ran all week.

All performances had some element of interaction, and often tested the expectations of performance itself, by playing with truth and fiction, the relationship between the audience and performer, spaces or techniques

Mealy-mouthed (show for Brain Jelly) doTb vs Stuart Tait

This show took place at BIAD Birmingham, Mealy-mouthed piece consisted of doTb and Stuart Tait taking apart a piano as the pianist played and improvised piece, the piano had transducers placed all over the body and inside the piano, also live feed microphones where place around the piano, as the piano was taken apart the transducers and live mic sounds where digitally manipulated live and played back out into the space, the piece lasted as long as it took to strip the piano to it bear bones.

mealy mouthed dotb

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