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“Cities like dreams are made of desires and fears, even if their thread of discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful and everything concerns something else.” [Italo Calvino: Invisible Cities.]

Dreams of Tall buildings (Darren Joyce & Justin Wiggan AKA doTb) have placed musical staves across the New Art Gallery Walsall 4th floor windows, on to which they have then plotted and mapped out the rising new and soon to razed old architecture of Walsall’s changing skyline, this score will then be responded to by the artists as a live sound performance, the piece is based around the waking of the city, it highs and lows of activity until its close down at night, inside the gallery the movement across the shadowed and reflected score is interrupted by the transitory public, as they enter the shadowed score they will play a part in the notation of the cities score.

The public will also participate in the live piece as “Invisible Conductors”, as they move through the space faces will be tracked and without them knowing, they will then control and manipulate sounds that are usually hidden from the human hearing range, i.e. sound of the Earths plates moving and solar disturbances, these have been made audible through Extremely Low Frequency radio recordings.

Both Artists and public combined will compose the score to the cities skyline, as they interact, respond and move through the gallery space, never to repeat it’s self the piece will be different every time it is performed, evolving and changing like the city skyline and it’s transient public.

Live performance opening of the show May 19th 2007
Installation ran from 19th May - 21st Sept 2007 NAGW

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