11 Robota= Czech for slave

For the exhibition "Science Fiction double feature" doTb had an installation and also composed a 30 minute live sound piece for the opening night. the installation was called "From Czech, Roboti= Slave", (The word robot comes from the word robota meaning "self labor", and, figuratively, "drudgery" or "hard work" in Czech (and many other Slavic languages.) and the Live sound piece was called "Harbour'd in the sleepy west" this was our take on the USA's fascination with UFO's and Area 51 combined with all the cold war references that where hidden in late 40' and 50's in American SciFi films.

The installation was a audio recording of "Asimov's four laws of robotics" played on a loop and listened to in headphones, as you listen to Asimov's laws of robotics you also read on a blackboard written in white chalk the four laws of robotics, however the written laws have been changed from Robots to Humans,
Eg... 1 Original Law from Asimov:
"A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm."
the re-written Law on blackboard would read: "A human being may not terminate a robot, or through inaction allow a robot to come to harm" thus hinting at the evolution of robotics and it's place in society and it's accelerated acceptance as the norm.

The live show consisted of recorded and manipulated ELF (extremely low frequency) these are the sounds of the sun, tectonic plates moving, hurricanes and tornado all around the Earth, they are any wave lengths rendered in audible by our hearing range, also SciFi radio shows from the 1940's and 50's where sourced and story samples where taken to guide the show with bygone nostalgic monologue, the show was recorded and then released by UNlabel records series 52 edition, limited to 100 copies 2006

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