Another collaboration between video artist PHW and doTb, for this project PHW spent nearly a whole year fast forwarding to the end of films to see if they contained a classic "The End" after collecting up to a thousand PHW then started to collate them into some sort of order, as this process started doTb sat in with the editing process to help combine a cut together montage of ends that became the backing track for a live sound and visual performance, doTb then set to creating a live structured score to play along to 40 min piece, the piece in all contained 8 sections called, The Hustler, On water, Kwiadan, Psycho, The haunting, Electric, Holy grail and Snow. the whole show was first played live at the Electric Cinema 21st March 2003 as part of a combined show put on by to record labels "Static Caravan and Experimentalseafood records" doTb had the chance to play their score sat in the pulpit along to the film.

The show was also played a another two art festivals, the 2nd was for "Freefall" Peterborough Digital Arts festival May 2003 and the 3rd outing was for "Space invaders" art performance festival by Fierce at he Mead Gallery June 2003.

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