14 Months
(with PirateHairWaves)

Video/sound collaboration with PirateHairWaves, October 2002, based around the doTb track 14 months, the track and film were made in honour of Stephanie Joyce and her 14 month battle. it's visual layering and distorted sound takes the audience through the highs, lows and internal confusion of the 14 months battle.

taking down of architecture
taking down of architecture
Taking Down of Architecture
terminal point
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Terminal Point

ecco un poco
Ecco un Poco
science to lift
Science to Lift
victory found in books
Victory Found in Books
mealy mouthed - dotb
Mealy Mouthed
cultural quarter
Cultural Quarter
Thends - Snow edit
Thends - Psycho edit
tonight turns
Tonight Turns
artificial memory
Artificial Memory
14 months
14 Months