Ecco Un Poco

Wolverhampton City Centre
Saturday 2 July 2005 , 12.00 – 16.00

Wolverhampton Art Gallery, in partnership with Capsule, commissioned Dreams of Tall Buildings to produce 'Eco un Poco' (translated - here is a little) featuring experimental and found sounds from the back of an ice-cream van. Taking place in three locations around Wolverhampton City Centre, the performance took shoppers by surprise and challenged their perceptions of what and where art can be.

12:00 Dudley Street (by Queens Street)

14:00 Wolverhampton Outdoor Market

16:00 Dudley Street (by Queens Square)

Dreams of Tall Buildings was also going to perform at the Supersonic festival in Birmingham on the 9 July, this however was cancelled due to a terrorist bomb threat, resulting in the whole festival site being evacuated.

For further information on the Supersonic festival please see:

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