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installation and perfromance performed live with audience interaction as hidden composers at the New Art Gallery Walsall, March 19th 2007.

“Cities like dreams are made of desires and fears, even if their thread of discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful and everything concerns something else.” [Italo Calvino: Invisible Cities]

doTb placed musical staves across 4th floor gallery windows, then plotted and mapped out the new and old architecture of Walsall’s changing skyline, the score was then responded to by the artists as a live sound performance, in which the movement across the shadowed and reflected score was interrupted by the transitory public.

The public also participated in the live piece as “Invisible Conductors”, as they moved through the space, certain faces were tracked, without knowing, they controlled and manipulated sounds that are usually hidden from the human hearing range, i.e. sound of the Earths plates moving and solar disturbances, these have been made audible through Extremely Low Frequency radio recordings.

Both Artists and public combined composed the score to the cities skyline, as they interacted, responded and moved through the gallery space, never was to repeat it’s self the piece was different every time it was performed, evolving and changing like the city skyline.

taking down of architecture
taking down of architecture
Taking Down of Architecture
terminal point
(Proceed to)
Terminal Point

ecco un poco
Ecco un Poco
science to lift
Science to Lift
victory found in books
Victory Found in Books
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cultural quarter
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tonight turns
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14 Months