Taking Down of Architecture

This is the first section taken from "Taking down of architecture", this piece is entitled "Death of the utopian dream".

doTb where commissioned by the MAC (Midland Arts Centre)UK to write a score to an archive film, this was edited together by Film Ficciones who is filmmaker/photographer Scott Johnston and it's animation was created by artist Babis Alexiedis, it was to celebrate closing and the rebuilding of the MAC, Archive footage of the MAC from over the past 40 years was found and donated including a documentary made by the BBC of it's building and opening. doTb's ideas and process can be found on the "Look" page and "Performance" page for a deeper explanation.

The show took place at the Midlands Art Centre March 19th 2008.

taking down of architecture
taking down of architecture
Taking Down of Architecture
terminal point
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