Victory Found in Books

doTb vs PHW @ supersonic 2004 dual screen projection.

PHW where asked to produce a 30 min visual set for Supersonic 04, they set about creating a dual synced projection installation and amongs other artists asked doTb to contribute, they chose two doTb tracks that fit into their ideas for the show and started making a visual piece to their music and adding to the song with samples from the footage used. the two tracks used were:

1. Victory found in books ...doTb and scott Smallwood
2. Science to lift (knowledge to drop)... doTb

PHW,s collaboration with doTb is seamless and the works are conceived and realised as a single piece, rather than as an illusion of aural content. Utillising a two screen format allowed the artists to play with these ideas to an even greater degree. incorporating the idea of repetition into the 'double' form of the projection, the images sometimes appear on both screens at once, or jump across the two, or deliberately move in and out of synchronization in other ways, they play with the imagistic split which is perceptual and symbolistic:between left and right, future and past elements of sequences, images and sound TV or film archive material and the contemporaneity of the work itself.

taking down of architecture
taking down of architecture
Taking Down of Architecture
terminal point
(Proceed to)
Terminal Point

ecco un poco
Ecco un Poco
science to lift
Science to Lift
victory found in books
Victory Found in Books
mealy mouthed - dotb
Mealy Mouthed
cultural quarter
Cultural Quarter
Thends - Snow edit
Thends - Psycho edit
tonight turns
Tonight Turns
artificial memory
Artificial Memory
14 months
14 Months