Limited gold tape release on Museum. Click for more details.

silver triangle

Rope parts I,II & III / Drowning the heart sounds

CD release on Museum. Arve Henriksen. Click for more details.

silver triangle

Video rose

Hand lathed 8” triangle vinyl. Limited to 123. Click for more details.

proceed to terminal

(Proceed to) Terminal Point

Full print credit card CD. Limited to 40 Click for more details.

harbor's in the sleep west

Harbour’d in the sleep west

CD released by Unlabel as part of series52. Click for more details.

songs of opposites

Songs of opposites

Sound project between doTb (UK) and Scott Smallwood (USA). Click for more details.

live at CBOS

Lost Artifact / Live at CBSO

Recording at CBSO centre for Arts fest 2001 On Bearos. Click for more details.

live at supersonic

Live at supersonic 04

Recording from the Supersonic festival 2004 . Click for more details.


Cuckoo (project 99)

This was a run of 99 singles sold from an icecream van. Click for more details.

fate of animals

doTb vs Fate of animals

This live set is taken from the "Bit parts in a little theatre". Click for more details.

nothing hurt and everything was beautiful

Nothing hurt and everything was beautiful

13 track album CD on the New Zealand Pseudoarcana label. Click for more details.

truth = beauty

Truth = Beauty

Mummified tape released on Victory Garden. Click for more details.



Vinyl in handburnt balsa wood sleeves on Great Pop Supplement. Click for more details.



10" vinyl on Experimental Seafood Records. Click for more details.

concrete steps

Concrete Steps

A three way collaboration between doTb, Digital Etah and Wotjk3k. Click for more details.

xray landscape

Xray / Landscape

10 track hand lathed 7" single on 1mm transparent vinyl. Click for more details.

artificial memory

Artificial Memory

Video tape released on Static Caravan. Click for more details.



5 track double 7" vinyl on Bearos Records. Click for more details.

read carefully

read carefully

Cassette series released as they were recorded. Click for more details.

lorenzos warm

lorenzos warm

Blackboard painted CD, track list written in white chalk on CD. Click for more details.

i am sensitive to objects

I am sensitive to objects

Silver creditcard sized CD in a hospital sample bags . Click for more details.

compilation contributions

binary oppostions

The shortest day (skeleton mix)

Appears on Binary Oppositions (Static Caravan)

i am sensitive to objects

Historical event

Appears on Sympathetic Sounds of the WILD West Midlands (Brainlove Records)

dream frequencies

Split Caucasian

Appears on Dream frequencies volume 1 (Antenna Records)

bush 1945

Home (an afterthought)

Appears on Bush 1945 an independent label (Robots and Electronic Brains 'zine)

60 mins

Fresh Widow

Appears on sixty minutes (one hour) (WIAIWYA Records)

broader than broad street

Only latitude remains (mouse machine mix) - doTb vs Iacon

Appears on Broader than Broad Street (Birmingham Post)

bearos 40

Boyhood forest

Appears on Bearos40 - Bearos Records 5th birthday label compilation (Bearos)


White box on fire

Appears on MP - MP3 compilation limited to 50 (Bearos)

bearos 40

A Dry Mouth

Appears on Is This Music? - compilation with a Scottish fanzine

journeys without maps

Line 26 page ?

Appears on Journeys without maps (Bearos)

roomfiul of tuneful


Appears on A Roomful of Tuneful (Melodic Records)

roomfiul of tuneful

Amongst the shamed buildings

Appears on Read-only memory (Mead Gallery - documentation from the self titled show)