Rope parts I,II & III & Drowning the heart sounds (Featuring Arve Henriksen)

“Rope parts I, II & III & Drowning the heart sounds” is dreams of Tall buildings 1st official release from their own “MuseuM” label. Mus001.

Dreams Of Tall Buildings (Darren Joyce and Justin Wiggan) and Arve Henriksen have together created genuinely innovative music that’s impossible to categorise. These 2 poetic, colossal and brittle pieces create a beautifully kaleidoscopic intimate and challenging experience.The two pieces create deceptive barren collage of moods and are equipped with all manner of bells, chattering clicks, brittle whispers and movement through cluttered rooms that share irregular heartbeats, with a haunting narrative provided by Arve Henriksen’s tonal and beguiling siren song, which calls the listener to forget the past and the future and exist only in a windless calm.

The release places itself somewhere along the lines of Toru Takemitsu’s “Eclipse” where sounds have freedom to breath and have space between the objects and the digital layering and most windswept moments of Pimmon.

Arve Henriksen has this to say about his work with Dreams of Tall Buildings.
“It is always a big challenge to add trumpet to pre-recorded material. It is a huge risk to do so because you are afraid of destroying curves and break down the form and parameters. This music Rope I,II and III came to my computer some years ago and I was attracted to it without knowing why. These musical landscapes presented to me had fascinating sounds and timbres and combinations of sounds and a presentation of form unlike much of my own recorded music. To try to find the core and to tell a story or make comments as the music goes on became like walking in these surroundings watching them for the first time and react instantly and trust the intuition. Just like walking around in a new city and looking for the peculiarities, architectural and aesthetic differences and then feel at home. Drowning the heart sounds is a piece of music I recently met in this world of changing files by using the Internet. To me this could have been the soundtrack to short film. Here I make my comments to the story. A story which has more than one direction and also contains many layers. This music hopefully opens the doors for you to imagine your story in your own imaginary world. Have a nice journey.”

Rope parts I,II & III
Drowning the heart sounds is heard again

Label: Museum (mus01)
Released: 2010
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