Artificial Memory / 14 Months

Vvideo/sound collaboration with PirateHairWaves, first 50 videos come packaged in handmade material bags with document envelope containing maps and story called artificial memory written by doTb on which the film and music was based,, VAN44 Static Caravan Recordings, oct.2002.

Artificial memory was edited together with long collaborators PHW , made solely with found cine 8 footage, and was based around the short story of the same name written by doTb, then the score was written alongside the making and compiling of the film.

14 Months is another film and sound collaboration with PHW, it's based around the doTb track 14 months, the track and film were made in honour of Stephanie Joyce and her 14 month battle. it's visual layering and distorted sound takes the audience through the highs, lows and internal confusion of the 14 months battle.

Label: Static Caravan (VAN44)
Released: October 2002
Avilability: sold out