truth = beauty

The Mummified tape was a run of 50 individual pieces, it was released on Victory Garden label and is called "Truth = Beauty" it has inside a vacuum sealed cassette tape with 13 live songs from 2001-2003, the sealed bag and cassette was then bound in scrim and and dipped once to seal the unit, then calico was wrapped around the scrim until it felt padded enough and mummified to dip again, we then over a period of 7 days melted wax in a large vat and dipped them all 7 times each, each day them having to be pegged on a drying line, we then used our doTb branding iron to individually brand our logo in to each art piece making sure each one was individual.

Dimensions: H=140-mm W=90-mm D=40-mm.
(as they are all different with measurements are approximate)



  1. Amongst The Shamed Buildings
  2. Your Mind Has Been Hindered By The Enemy
  3. Beautiful Hands
  4. Flood Horse
  5. Lorenzo's Warm
  6. Cabelero


  1. Tell You Tomorrow
  2. Unapproachable Light
  3. You Make Even Water Feel Light
  4. Weakest Heart In The Universe
  5. Mountains In Black Ink

Label: Victory Garden (VG20)
Released: January 2004
Availability: sold out

truth 1

truth 2

truth 3