Lost Artifact / live at CBSO (2001)

This show was recorded CBSO centre a show for Arts fest 2001, (the actual recording is from an audience member), the show was a site specific piece taking into account the acoustics of the all wood and baffled space designed for the CBSO to rehearse, doTb structured a mainly acoustic led piece with a splattering of Digital sounds.

It was then released by Bearos records (Bearos047) in 2005 in a limited run of 100, the album was hand made from scratch, card was cut and then scored to to make the digipak case, the track list was hand typed onto 30 year old manuscript paper, then placed into a small manilla envelope and sealed shut, all of the cover where and drawn to represent a time line of loss and longing, they where sealed shut with dreams of Tall buildings machine stitched name tags, the whole release was then wrapped in distressed brown paper and tied shut with package string that had been left to age for 6 months outside, re creating a lost artifact a package with a hidden story waiting to set free, to be explored and claim it's place in the present.

Track list:

  1. Lakeside
  2. Floodhorse
  3. Truth = Beauty
  4. Lorenzo's warm
  5. Can i tell you tomorrow
  6. Mothra
  7. TheThingYouSawInCanadaWasACloud
  8. Unapproachable light

Label: Bearos (bearos047)
Released: 2009
Availability: sold out