songs of opposites

'Songs of opposites" is a sound project between doTb (UK) and Scott Smallwood (USA).

The project was compiled over 10 months where field recordings of each artists city and surroundings where passed back and forth across the Atlantic via email and CD, each artist ripped and reworked the sounds to form 10 pieces that are move through paranoiac darkness and digital interference, the end result is it creates a new place a new abode, a place between the real and imaginary words in which both artists exist.

"Songs of opposites" was released as a limited run and was housed inside 100 different data disks from the late 80's early 90's, inside contained the original floppy disk and a CD designed to look like vinyl also inside was a track listing printed in grey and red. Limited to 100.

Dimensions: 130 mm x130 mm x 3 mm (Approx)


  1. 96 small squares
  2. feed
  3. black ice letters
  4. patience knows these hands
  5. propaganda film
  6. red becomes black
  7. victory found in books
  8. wireless hills

Label: Static Caravan (VAN103)
Released: 2006
Availability: sold out

soo 1

soo 2