A commission for the National Trust at the Birmingham Back to Backs, The show is a partnership between doTb and Friction Arts. Click for more.

If Music Be the Food of Love

If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On...

Is a collaboration between Companis and Dreams of Tall Buildings - an evening of romantic dining with a twist. Click for more.

Taking down of architecture

Taking down of architecture

dotb where commissioned by the MAC (Midland Art Centre) to write a score to an archive film edited together by Film Ficciones. Click for more.

    (Proceed to) Terminal point

(Proceed to) Terminal point

Both Artists and public combined composed the score to the cities skyline. Click for more.



The piece was played in a cubicle at Victoria bathes in Manchester from Friday 11th May till Sunday 13th May 2007. Click for more.

White elephant

White Elephant

White Elephant draws from the full history of experimental music and sound over the past 75 years. Click for more.

my castle my home

My castle, My home

An installation for the festival Supersonic in July 2006. Click for more.

ecco un poco

Ecco un Poco

Rather than a lick of ice-cream, the audience will experience, experimental and found sounds. Click for more.

project 99

Project 99

Project 99 is a performance event that took place on the four Saturdays before Christmas 2004. Click for more.


Snack on Art

15/11/04 - Volume # 133, 30 minute video programme, Brooklyn Cable Access Television, USA. Click for more.

mmm mealy

Brain Jelly / Mealy-mouthed

Live Art Showcase with two main evening events. Click for more.


Harbour'd in the sleepy west

A live performance at the Custard factory gallery, May 2004. Click for more.


From Czech, Roboti = Slave

For the exhibition "Science Fiction double feature" doTb had an installation and also composed a 30 minute live sound piece. Click for more.

nemos dice

Nemo's dice

This was a show written and played live as the support to Black Dice. Click for more.

white paper cranes

White paper cranes

This piece was a score for Adam Booths MA show in Japan. Click for more.



Another collaboration between video artist PHW and doTb. Click for more.

artificial memory

Artificial Memory

Video/sound collaboration with PirateHairWaves, October 2002. Click for more.

bit parts

Bit parts in a little theatre

This performance was commissioned by the Mead Gallery to end the the show Read only Memory. Click for more.



doTb collaborated with film maker Will Chiperfield who specialized in cine8 footage for this event an experimental jazz club. Click for more.

lost artifact

Lost Artifact

A 30 minute set designed for and performed at the CBSO centre. Click for more.

white elephant


From the birth of storable electricity with Alessandro Volta's battery in 1800 all the way up to the present digital age. Click for more.

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